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This year we celebrate our 12th year online. We continue to work hard to bring you solid consumer lending, debt reduction, and general credit tips to help you make sound fiscal choices.
So You Want to Apply for a Loan?
What about Debt Consolidation?
You may qualify for certain loans, possibly even with bad credit. We present additional tips to help you establish and obtain credit in our Learning Center.When interest and bills pile up, your options to become debt free may include settlement, credit counseling, and various consolidation loans.

Check Your Credit Report because lenders, landlords, insurers, and employers rely on it for information about you. If your credit report contains errors or misleading information, then those people may get the wrong impression. If you have bad credit because of incorrect information on your credit file, you could be denied credit or benefits. Therefore, you should take the time to regularly check your report and correct errors and misleading information before applying for credit or benefits.

Obtaining a Personal Loan - It is very difficult to get by without using credit of some kind during your lifetime. Almost everyone, at some time, needs to borrow money for a home, a car, a major retail purchase, education expenses, or emergencies. Typically, to qualify for a loan, you need to have established credit. Many lenders will lend to people who have bad credit, but it generally helps to have a history of some sort. Be sure to read our article about the difference between having no credit and having bad credit. This means that information about you must be on file at one or more of the major credit-reporting agencies. If you have poor credit, rebuilding or establishing your credit will take time. It is usually the self-discipline that gives people the most trouble. However, it is well worth the effort and can make your life smoother when used correctly.

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